The theater

A project born from a dream and become a reality thanks to the deep love of Andrea Bocelli for his land.

A work of art built without invasive intervention, without the use of cement, a testimony of the profound respect for the roots of this land. An intense loving work, which has created a unique place in the world.

A theater that remains silent for 364 days a year, and which will break the silence for a single day, one night, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, with its deep and touching, song as only the most famous tenor in the world can do …

Annual show

This is the Theater of Silence, this is the dream of a man who wanted to make a great gift to his people, to music, to poetry.

This year the Theater of Silence will come alive with sounds, lights, colors and voices that are unique in the world, on the evening of July 28th.

A unique experience, an emotion that strongly touches the soul.

Ask for information for your ticket in sector A, including aperitif at sunset, in the VIP area, for the FIRST PLAY of July 28th.

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